"ROVE OILS"manufactures a full range of greases for automotive, industrial and special application requirements, below are a few products commonly used in vast range of applications.

MP are lithium thickened multipurpose greasesfortified with anti-oxidant, anti-wear and anti-rust additiveswhich is available in various NLGI consistencies for wide range of application. They are suitable for plain bearings, ball and roller bearings, spins, universal joints, couplings and for under chassis parts lubrication.
EP are lithium thickened multi-purpose extreme pressure greases fortified with Extreme pressure (EP) additive package including with special inhibitors to increase ageing stability and anti-corrosion properties. The special additive package of the product keep it stable under intense mechanical loads and minimize wear under heavy and shock load conditions. It gives excellent protection against water washout and rusting. The high dropping point of“ROV EP” greases make them suitable for wide range of temperatures application. Due to the smooth pump-ability they are recommended to use on centralized lubrication system and available in NLGI consistencies numbers 00, 0, 1, 2, & 3.
Is high quality lithium grease containing molybdenum disulphide powder as solid lubricant and EP additives which adhere firmly on the surfaces with micro cavities and forming a solid lubrication film which performs even in case grease components happen to be splashed out under high mechanical loads or due to the high thermal stresses.
It has a high melting point, and excellent mechanical stability as indicated by its resistance to change in consistency. It also is non-corrosive, and has high resistance to water washing and oxidation.The finest grade molybdenum disulphide used in the manufacturingprocessof the grease to maintain the product quality and to ensure that the product does not contain any abrasive behavior on the bearing surface.
Is a premium quality lithium complex grease capable of resisting high thermal and mechanical loads. The product is manufactured using highly refined, high viscosity index base oils, fortifiedwith extreme-pressure agents to provide excellent load-carrying and anti-wear properties. It has outstanding resistance to water washouts and provides excellent corrosion protection. ROV LICOM EP is recommended to use in heavy duty industrial ball, roller and journal bearing operating under high load and elevated thermal conditions. ROV LICOM EP is also suitable forall automotive, trucks and railroad wheel bearings and under chassis lubrication requirements. ROV LICOM EP is available in various packing sizes and NLGI grade 2 & 3.
ROV Super F-1 5W30 is a full synthetic motor oil 
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ROV Super 10W30 is multi-grade synthetic engine oil
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ROV Super F-1 A multi-grade synthetic engine oil
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ROV Super F-1 is a multi-grade synthetic engine oil
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