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ROV Oils Industrial Division
With more than 50 years of experienced team of lubrication professionals, ROV OILS offers an exhaustive range of products specially formulated for industrial requirements by incorporating synthetic Functional Fluids, paraffinic base oils hi-tech additive packages, soap and Non - Soap thickeners, solid lubricants, and Specialty Additives to meet critical performance requirements of major OEM’S. ROVOIL is committed to provide solutions for diversified applications of industrial lubes usedfor metal working, hydraulics, turbine, compressors and gear lubrications.

ROV Oils produce Metal Working Fluids as below

ROV Solcut Fluid is for metal cutting and grinding operations where heat generates due to the high speed grinding and cutting operations.
ROV Neatcut Fluid offers comprehensive line of neat cutting oils that helps to extend tool life for applications ranging light to heavy duty operation.
ROV Quench-S oils are suitable for use in both continuous and open quenching lines, it will ensure the deep hardness for small components of clocks.
ROV Hydraulic Oils

ROV manufacture a complete range of Hydraulic oils to cover most industrial applications. ROV produce conventional type hydraulic oils to hi-tech fluids used on ultra-high temperature applications in most ISO viscosity 0grades.


ROV HYDRO HVIOils are high-quality, high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic fluids developed for use in industrial and mobile equipment operating in cold climates or in locations subject to wide variations in ambient temperatures. ROV HYDRO HVI fluids are blended in various viscosities with highly refined high viscosity index base stocks combined with special additive package to meet the requirements major equipment builders.

ROV Turbine Oils.

ROV oils offers ROV Turbo Plus and ROV Turbo M in various ISO VG grades which are specially develop to meet the lubrication requirements of steam, gas, turbo expanders and for variety of rotary equipments mainly used in power generation, process, marine & aviation industries.

ROV Gear & Bearing Lubricants.

ROV gear & bearing lubricants are prepared with premium grade highly refined base stocks incorporated with selective high tech package of additives to enhance oxidation stability and high temperature breakdownand for maintaining better lubricity as per the requirements of major OEM's. These Gear & Bearing lubricants contain a carefully selective tackiness, corrosion, oxidation, antifoam, extreme pressure (EP) agents to prevent mechanical wear, corrosive elements, retarding breakdown process, withstand agitation and heat without forming foam and EP agents to prevent equipment's operating under high load conditions.

ROV Super F-1 5W30 is a full synthetic motor oil 
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ROV Super 10W30 is multi-grade synthetic engine oil
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ROV Super F-1 A multi-grade synthetic engine oil
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ROV Super F-1 is a multi-grade synthetic engine oil
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